When Maeve and Nessa decide to come out to their families as a couple, Nessa's father kicks her out of the house. The young lovers scramble to find a solution, as Maeve contends with coming out to her own family, now fearing the worst is possible.


You Have To Promise began its life in August 2016 as a ten-minute play called People Like That, which premiered in Manhattan Repertory Theatre's Summer 2016 One Act Play Competition. A second ten-minute play, Scared of Something, followed, and was also performed at Manhattan Rep, in the January Short Play Competition and the Playwrights Showcase, both in January 2017. Playwright Audrey Lang and director Rachael Langton workshopped the full-length piece, then titled Dancing Through The Rain, at Ithaca College in April 2017. Finally, this past April 2018, You Have To Promise (finally with that title!) was workshopped at Ithaca College again, with an entirely new draft. This summer, You Have To Promise will be workshopped for two weeks in New York City with a culminating presentation on August 19th.


Check out these scenes from the workshop presentation of You Have To Promise, which occurred at Ithaca College in April 2018.

Preview 1

The morning after Nessa climbs in Maeve's window, they lie to Maeve's stepmother Rachael and get permission to have another sleepover that night.

Preview 2

Maeve and Nessa have a romantic moment on the front porch, before Rachael catches them and grounds Maeve, throwing a wrench into their plans.

Preview 3

While doing the dishes together, Maeve interrogates Darcy about how she knew their secret, and insists that she has to promise not to reveal it.